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Sherpa Guras Homestay, Sittong!

Sherpa Guras Homestay in Sittong is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors share a residence with a local of the nature to which they are traveling. Our Sittong Sherpa Guras Homestay residential villa surrounded by beauty of nature and beautiful mountain range. This homestay has the Ahaldara & Latpanchar place flowing nearby..


Tourists can make a day trip plan to visit places like Dilaram, Kurseong, Latpanchar, Mungpoo, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary etc. while staying at Sitong.

Important Places To Shop During Sittong Tour

There aren’t too many places to shop near Homestay Sittong. But during your tour to Kurseong and Darjeeling, you will have plenty of places to shop around. However, Shittong has a local farmers market where you will find plenty of handmade items crafted by the locals.

Our homestay is located at Sittong-II, Kurseong with well maintained rooms and all the necessary amenities . We provide 24 x 7 wifi connection, car parking, hot showers after an adventureous day , bonfire and barbeque and if required room heaters as well, so do not worry about any of the troubles that make you worry about the trip.

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Best The To Visit Sittong

Sittong has a temperate climate, and visiting there at a particular time varies on the interest of the tourists. So, if you are planning to Book Sittong Homestay Online, you should keep in mind these factors:

Winters are chilly in Sittong. Temperatures drop heavily, and the area remains covered in frost. Many tourists prefer to visit Sittong to enjoy the cold bites.

The period from March- June is perhaps the best time to book your Homestay in Sittong. Temperatures remain the best during this time.

Monsoons are perhaps not the best time to book your Shittong Homestay. Constant rains and slippery roads will not let you enjoy the outdoors.